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                  ~ Captain Jeff  Belsik- Flats Guide ~

    Welcome to the Florida Keys and Key West !

Capt. Jeff Belsik / "Ghost Hunter"                         

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Ghost Hunter Charters

phone: 305-872-7511    email:  flkeysinfo@aol.com 

Personal Info:

     Captain Jeff Belsik reigns from the East coast and has been a professional fishing guide for 12 years. He's 39 years of age and has a very aggresive and highly "mobile" style.   Simply put Jeff goes to the fish.  You'll find Capt. Jeff  whenever and wherever the most prolific flats fishing occurs.  Whether you're a novice or an expert his highly mobile style gives you the best opportunity to catch that lifetime dream !

Key Areas Fished:

    Jeff not only fishes the Keys with great accuracy, but has one of the widest ranges of all.  From Key West to Key Largo and Everglades National Park, Jeff covers them all with great knowledge and extreme accuarcy. Jeff trailors his boat to whatever happens to the best area at the time and taliors your trip to weather and migratory conditons.

Species of Fish:   Tarpon reign as the supreme fighting fish in the backcountry but the "Grey Ghost" or bonefish is probably one the most sought after fish in the area. Stalking the Bonefish and Permit in the flats is an experience that you'll remember for a lifetime. Snook and Redfish, although found in the Keys, are usually more predominant in the Everglades Natl. Park.   Jack Crevelle, Triple Tail, Sea Trout and Sharks are found there in good numbers as welll. In the winter season  (Dec thru Feb.) the Barracuda fishing is excellent on the flats as well as Sharks and Jacks. While most fishermen in the northern areas spend up to 150 hours a season trying to bag that one 40 lb. plus Muskie.  Here in the Keys on the flats in the winter you may jump 10 "Cuda" that will weigh at least that much. They'll rocket out of the water and make your drag scream ... on ten pound test, it's a blast!

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Techniques:     Flyfishing and Spinfishing are the most commonly use methods by Capt. Jeff. All species will take flys, plugs or live bait.   The most challenging fishing you'll probably ever do will be on light tackle in the Flats. There's nothing like boating a 40 pound Permit on 10 pound test or Fly. Stalking the fish and sight casting are the most common ways to go about getting that trophy fish. Jeff's expertise will have an amatuer fisherman casting like a pro in no time. He's know as one of the most friendly, courteous and patient guides around.

Equipment / InventoryRods and Reels: G. Loomis Fly and Spin as well as Shiman,Daiwa and Penn brands. Usually rigged with 10 - 20 pounds of new line. Boat and Motor:  Brand new ActionCraft 16 flats boat and year 2000 Yamaha motor. Set up for ultimate comfort and "fishability". ALL LICENSES AND FISHING TACKLE ARE PROVIDED.

More Info:    new3.gif (2232 bytes)   "Wayback Tours"                                                                                wpeD.jpg (4350 bytes)  Capt. Jeff also provides Kayak and Canoe Backcoutry Eco tours in a co-ordinated effort with Florida Keys Kayaks and Canoes, he puts the Kayak or Canoe on the Flats boat and motors you back to areas pristine and unattainable by any other means.Bring your camera,snorkel and sense of adventure. A great trip! Something different !! Fish,Snorkel, or just paddle and relax....

Book Your Trip: Call Capt. Jeff at: 305-872-7511 or 305-942-7538 or email him  : flkeysinfo@aol.com

Thanks for visiting the Keys!         Flkeysinfo@aol.com     

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